Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to Fresh Thoughts by Orrganics

The Launch

Finally! After much to do,  we are off and running with the wide world of bloggers. 
This is a new thing for me so please be patient as it gets going. The idea here is to talk about paper, stationery, art, inspiration and design because I love what I do. I also expect to make mention from time to time of the good stuff that helps our communities and the environment, to offer tips on writing etiquette and more. But let's keep this light, fresh and have some fun. 

A little about me - I am the owner and founder of Orrganics. Originally from New York, I now work, live and play in New Hope, Pennsylvania with my husband, our 5 children and 2 dogs.  I started this business after spending years thinking about and designing my own personal stationery and getting much positive feedback.  So here I am, and lucky me as I am having so much fun with all the customers I meet and the designers I get to work with. 

Always looking for fresh thoughts -

-- Jackie 

1 comment:

  1. Bravo on the your website, your Blog and the
    promise this all brings now and in the days
    to come.

    Good Luck!


    PS Your business deals with all kinds of paper items? Can I order a pound or two of those paper
    items with the 50 & 100 numbers afixed?