Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Search of Color - It's a Wrap

So, I have a new favorite color for my nails this fall. It is yummy like dark cherries and it has a glimmer of gold in it. I just love it! But, I had a problem. It was sold out everywhere I went. I even tried to get the girls at Blue Mercury to sell me the tester. Of course they couldn't - but they did let me test it on ALL my nails - just in time for a Friday night dinner on the town. Then they let me "test" the top coat too. So nice.

So, what is this black amethyst infused with a bit of gold nail lacquer? Well, it is made by NARS and it is called Tokaïdo Express (named for a Japanese bullet train so I've heard). It came out a few months ago. However, it is new to me.

4 stores later, I am a happy girl with my own bottle. My manicurist says the brush is fabulous. The other great news is that it is toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free - bad things for you. And, with all the talk about health care lately, with this polish, I feel like I am doing my part -- however indulgent and ridiculous that might sound!

Of course, at Orrganics I have some yummy velvet "couture bracelets" from Twig & Fig to wrap your special invitation with - one of which reminds me of Tokaïdo Express. See above photo - they call this color wrap "bing cherry slushy". Yum, yum.

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