Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do White Bodysuits Go With Everything at BCBGMAXAZRIA?


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here, back at its new home at Lincoln Center. We were there Thursday, the first official day, excited and looking forward to a great day. Days at the shows are never a disappointment; always full of anticipation and excitement. This day was no different.

Take a look at the BCBGMAXAZRIA show (above). The Theatre was packed, standing room only and everyone was ready to go. As the show progressed it became quite clear that there was a theme - the theme of the sheer white bodysuit with black cuffs. The take away from the show being that a sheer white bodysuit with black cuffs goes with just about everything. Really?! Yes, really...  the piece is shown with almost all of the 34 looks. And, yes, it is a look.

Why this staple? Is this to keep the plunging necklines decent and wearable for those of us who don't walk the runway or the red carpet for a living? What do you think? Are you up for the elongated proportions, "the desire for simplicity" and the bodysuit for Fall 2011?

I must say that I do love the cobalt silk chiffon dress - color, color, and color. And, who knows, maybe that sheer white turtleneck with black cuffs will end up in my closet; after all, it does go with everything!

Of course outside the venue, in the Plaza, you get lots of street fashion. Meet George (see below). The take away from George: "Baby, it's cold outside."

Thanks to Hillary, Helen and IMG!

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