Friday, July 1, 2011

How Many Hot Dogs Can You Eat?

An engraved invitation 1825
Celebrations for Independence Day are nothing new. The invitation above is an example of an engraved invitation that personalizes the recipients, in this case, the Purdy Family for a celebration in Greenwich in 1825.

Seems a bit drab today; where's the red white and blue?  And, there were no hot dogs at this party - the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimates that on Monday, over 150 million hot dogs will be eaten. We've come a long way...

And, speaking of hot dogs, Joey Chestnut - reigning champ of Nathan's Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog Eating Contest - is aiming to consume 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes - with buns -  to keep his title. Watch above to see what he did last year. He is not just a hot dog king, he also wins asparagus* eating contests and once ate 78 matzo balls.  Don't laugh, he earns big bucks for all this eating. Sharing this Vanity Fair article on Joey (written by John Heilburn).

You can watch Nathan's Contest on ESPN Monday morning; live streaming at 9:30. Oh, and girls compete too.

Have a wonderful 4th of July - happily and safely "unite in the Celebration of the Day"!

*For those who care to know - the idea of eating more than 1 asparagus spear makes me sick.