Thursday, October 14, 2010

Making Mulberry Paper

Handmade paper - in this instant from Israel - has great texture, color and is Au Natural!
The fiber from the Mulberry plant was used to make the paper here in this video. One can throw in a variety colorful petals, leaves and other natural items to mix in with the pulp - asparagus leaves, pressed flowers for example - thereby creating an interesting canvas. Each piece is unique and I love using the paper as wrap - a wrap on an invite or as gift wrap for a present. Here in the studio we see paper used as a wall hangings, lamp shades and, of course, as just paper.

It was a lot of fun and thank you Eliana for acting as my interpreter along the way because, while English was not a problem, I am not fluent in Hebrew. And thanks to Timna Neumann, owner of Tut Neyar (in Zichron Ya'acov) for a very informative and fun afternoon, I am sure to be back.

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