Sunday, December 4, 2011

Raving about Cakeman Raven

I had a birthday a few weeks ago and my husband got me an outrageously delicious and special birthday cake - made by famous Cakeman Raven - the red velvet cake expert. And I got to watch him - Cakeman, not my husband -  decorate it before my eyes; he worked effortlessly and within a few minutes - viola!  -beautiful. And it gets better because when it melts in your mouth you cannot believe you waited this long to try the original red velvet cake. My suggestion: go get some - he makes over 5000 cakes a month!

What does red velvet cake taste like? Some say like chocolate cake - well there is some resemblance but it is not just a red chocolate cake. For me - it is the texture that makes it stand apart.

"A real "southern treat", described as an aphrodisiac dessert, deep in its bright redness and buttery crumb texture accents the sweet cream cheese frosting, mellowing out the pecan oils from the crusted pecan garnish.

After the first bite, you're hooked!"

Here are a few shots on location in Brooklyn with JUMA execs and crew - watch for upcoming TV show. I will keep you posted but in the meanwhile, let them eat cake!

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