Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's My Pantone

My new Pantone app kept me very busy for hours yesterday as I planned a color makeover and traveled back home, across the country, from Deer Valley. I had mountains/stone on my mind and now it will be up on my walls. The app allows you to take a photo or use an existing photo from your library, then tap on the part of the photo you are interested in for color. Tapping reveals a Pantone color and number. You can review harmonizing colors, fan decks and more. Look at what I got from tapping on various parts of my photo. Chocolate Brown, Turkish Coffee, Winter Wheat, Monk's Robe, Coffee Bean, Seal Brown, Vanilla Ice, Anthracite and more.

I also have the Benjamin Moore app that does some of the same things - but not as much. It gives you the name of an actual Benjamin Moore color you can then reference. The Pantone app has more features and is more fun; cost is $9.99 verses the free Benjamin Moore app.

Warning, the color on the iphone screen may vary from the actual Pantone color /Benjamin Moore color. Actually, take out the "may vary" - it does vary. But, it is still a lot of fun to use and can be helpful.

FYI -I can't have a room without a bit turquoise, the Pantone color of the year. Stay tuned.

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