Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paper Tuesday: Deckled Edge Paper

Paper Tuesday; a new feature. Each month, on the second Tuesday, I will write about some aspect of paper that I find interesting - what a surprise!.

This month - deckled edge paper.

Deckled edge paper is paper that has soft uneven edges. This "feathery edge" is the result of the natural run-off of wet pulp when making handmade and mould made paper, or the result of sheets being torn when wet. The paper thins out a little toward the edges as a result of the runoff. This can be simulated by machines or deckled edge rulers but the result is not quite the same.

Created in Italy, Arturo Fine Stationery is a most popular line of paper that features a deckled edge. It has a soft artisan look and feel. Perfect for personal letters, invitations and announcements.

Photos above courtesy of Arzberger Bueing Stationers.

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