Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Deep Thought: Sustaining and Healing - What is Fair Trade Paper?

As I am on vacation with my children enjoying life, the
sunshine and much laughter, I think about those that
don't necessarily have it as good. Women who live in
areas of war and tough economic conditions.
And last night when we were in a store called "Next
Summer" (www.thelakehouselife.com) I was reminded
about Fair Trade artisans while looking at a funky red
organic looking floor pillow. “Sustain & Heal” is one
of my favorite letterpress stationery lines and it comes
from De Milo Design in California and they say it best:

" In one word, Fair Trade (not to be mistaken for NAFTA’s
“Free Trade”) is Dignity. 10,000 Villages explains it best.
They focus on relationships with people who have been
marginalized by war, weather, and damaging cultural
systems. Hearing stories of people who have reclaimed life
through Fair Trade is important for us western shoppers.
The invitations in “Sustain & Heal" use Fair Trade paper
from Kenya, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. If we can’t
get it Fair Trade, the designs are supplemented by 100%
Post Consumer Waste
recycled paper produced by eco-
friendly methods. With "Sustain & Heal” invitations our
celebrations sustain our planet and heal lives!"

In addition to invitations, Sustain & Heal can letterpress
your personal stationery, thank you notes and everyday
notecards and those we keep in stock at the office. And,
of course, all are beautifully done. Fair Trade products
are popping up all over. Call to find out more.

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