Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Oeuf!

So we recently did this sweet baby announcement (via Luscious Verde), it's fuchsia and wasabi green with chocolate ink and the little birdie is an additional layer of paper, providing more texture (which I love). And, it is all recycled paper to boot. Yummy. A new little baby, a chickie ... eggs. Yes, this announcement made me think of a fabulous dish - of eggs - that I had when we were in Paris last May. And, I don't mean for breakfast.

We were out for a true Parisian dinner at a little neighborhood spot near the Eiffel Tower with our friends, Natalie and Tom. They live in Paris - Natalie is French born and Tom very well could be given his gift for the language and the ease in which he lives life there.  Tom recommended to me a dish that I never would think to order - oeufs meurettes. What? Eggs at night? Cooked in red wine? Lots of butter? Are you kidding me? It sounded so heavy and so not my style. But Tom assured me that I would love it despite my claims to the contrary and, honestly, he challenged me. Never one to back away from a (reasonable) challenge, I ordered it in butchered French. Well, he was right; I was practically licking my plate - how "Ugly American" of me. Here is a link to make these fine oeufs yourself. Bon App├ętit*

*To be clear, in no way am I suggesting eating our offspring and I probably would not be cooking or eating these in the current 100 degree summer weather we are having - have some cold grapefruit sorbet instead.

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