Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nailing It

Is it possible to have fun during a 5 or 6-hour airport layover? Did I forget to say  “with teenagers”?

Well, until a few days ago I would have said no way. Then we landed at the Seattle Airport on our way home from my new “Mecca” (subject of a future post) where we were faced with a 6 hour layover and everything suddenly changed for me.  It was no longer “what to do" but “what to do first” ?

Walking thru the airport we were faced with difficult decisions – should we eat now or in 4 hours? Where should we eat? So many choices and I am not talking just fast food here. Do I need a new book? There was a bright and open bookstore where I could actually turn around and not knock over some souvenir key chains. But really, I could just order it on Kindle even though I actually am missing holding onto a real book.  Do I want a massage? Head? Neck? Back? Should we get our nails done? And then I saw this (below) ... and I knew.

Now, I have been in many airports where there are express spas but I have not seen anything like this place, “butter – London” and, it was calling my name. LOUDLY. Leopard print pillows, yellow and white striped contemporary sofas, great font and signage, black /white lacquer shelving and displays, funky bird wallpaper, music playing, edgy and inviting and, remember, this is at the airport.  And, did I mention, no carcinogens in the polish? 3 Free Lacquer they call it - "green" nail color meets fashion. I’m so in.

After a week of “roughing it” in Whitefish, Montana, getting our nails done was now our # 1 choice (I say “we” meaning all us girls – my son had a different plan). Well, as you can imagine, we needed a strategy. We had to eat first so I could pay and eat without messing up a fresh manicure and we needed enough time to dry before boarding the plane and dealing with the carry on luggage.

With the timing all set and full stomachs, we were ready.  

Shout out to my male technician, Brooklyn for one of the best manicures I have ever gotten!

So many choices!
After much sampling, one of my daughters went with a sharp bright yellow polish; the other with a pink ”Jelly” finish over a brownish pink. (“Jelly” polish adds a sheer type of sparkle on top - like a lip gloss.)  I went with "Hail to McQueen"  - a more sophisticated neutral (I was going to a wedding the next day) with a glowing finish. And, I could not resist taking home a mustard yellow  - Bumster - and a dirty slate gray  - Chimney Sweep - for fall*

Had to bring these home

Oh, and my son (the girls' Sherpa) was not bored at all. Remember, he too had a plan – he went for the neck and shoulder massage. That worked out perfectly as he was able to relax and unwind before he had to carry all of our bags again.

*Loving gray and yellow now and into fall, here are a few ideas:

Personalized Note Cards

Gray suede ink on crisp white note cards with a soft gray tissue or bright yellow envelope liner. From $300 for 100 note cards and with printed return address & liner. Cards measure approx. 6.25 x 4.25 inches.

Recycled glass necklace
Recycled glass necklace – shades of gray with silver chain $210

Bamboo Letterpress Greeting Card/Envelope

Love Greeting Cards - 2 for $8

Fresh Thoughts from Orrganics will be taking the rest of August off but Orrganics is open by appointment. Enjoy!