Friday, March 18, 2011

Need a Ghost Writer?

You all know by now that I love handwritten letters. What is "snail mail" to some is, to me, a wonderful gift. Communication through the letter actually seems more thoughtful, more lasting. And, it is texturally satisfying. Of course, some communications require more urgent delivery and I am not knocking technology by any means.

A fun site celebrating the handwritten letter has it's blog author write a new letter each day.  We get the voyeuristic pleasure of reading something that is not written to us (but maybe with us in mind as the "end reader"). The topics change and the recipients vary - from a co-worker to Alexander Graham Bell. Open it up, Letters from Lauren. If requested, she may even write one for you.*

A community letter with several authors circling restaurant patrons at the
Seattle Space Needle Restaurant, SkyCity

*My daughter also loves to write actual letters (at least 1-2 a week) - she too could be your ghost writer!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Settle for Just One?

Liner papers from Paper Mojo, stationery created with European Arturo paper from Arzberger

Why settle for one beautiful envelope liner when there are so many - I didn't.

As shown, quantity of 50 with flat printed return address, $250 - liners additional.