Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't You Love a Royal and Crazy Wedding Hat?!

On my way to witness The Royal Wedding
Settling In

Really, I must get on with the day - car pool time!

If only... a "fascinator" by the creme de la creme milliner Philip Treacy

Reading my blog you may already know that I love hats and I love weddings, so what a fitting combination for me, hats at a wedding - The Royal Wedding.  Hats are a tradition in England and everyone wears them - I wish it were so here in the U.S.
Philip Treacy is the milliner. I adore the bright colors, the shapes and the whimsy on the fabulous hats or better called "fascinators". Two of my favorites are those outrageous and crazy hats/headpieces worn by Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice - especially Eugenie's beige number. It's like an Alice in Wonderland reality show.

Photo from

I wonder how many of the 1900 or so invited guests found that they could not see directly ahead - or to the side for that matter - from their seats. But, given the occasion, while maybe slightly annoyed, they were probably not surprised by any obstructed view.

On the other hand, my view - at home - was digitally perfect and obstructed only momentarily by the orange juice container.

All in all, the pageantry, the fly over, the mindful manners, Kate's romantic and retro looking dress, the men in uniform, suits and or morning coats and then the picture perfect double kiss (making history) was all truly splendid and well worth the early hour!

Oh, and in honor of hats, the first one in with a custom hat motif on a new stationery order will save a pretty pound.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What color is your holiday? Mine was true blue.

We are all together and very attentive
Healthy debate
The theme for our Family Passover this year was blue - but in a good way. We were together for our Family Seder (this year on Long Island) for the traditional reading of the Haggadah, light discussion and lots of eating.

During the Seder, the afikoman (1/2 piece of matzo wrapped in cloth, saved to be eaten at the conclusion of the Seder meal) was hidden by 2 key players who also strategically placed decoys to throw off those later participating in the search for this prized matzo. Impressive play. After little Ben found the prize and won the game (there were a few challenges made regarding improper assistance), we orderly* moved into the beautiful blue room to watch the Knicks and Yankees play. (I am confused, this sounds like Thanksgiving.)

It was a true blue and happy family affair - some were MIA but say they will report back next year. Happy Passover to all celebrating this holiday.

Just by coincidence I had my toe nails painted with "NYPD BLUE" just in time for the Seder.

Finally, blue is the traditional color of loyalty.

*Seder means order.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hats Off! A Time to Celebrate

It's that time of year - graduation!
Be it graduation from high school, college, grad school, moving up to middle school...
whatever it may be, it's time to celebrate!

Here is a sampling to get you in the mood - invites, gifts, stationery and some things just for fun - enjoy! More to come. Of course, we can customize, personalize and even "brand" your graduate and or party as you like. Smart, eh?

Noteworthy Collections
Photo card Noteworthy Collections - suggest we use your photo
Noteworthy Collections
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Party Time - a cute brunch invite 

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Collegiate Stamps

A Necessity - The Thank You Note

Personalized pads for jotting down something really important!
Luscious Verde Collection

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Fun new product below- Capture graduation and then stamp all your thank you envelopes

And, finally - a dog lover's favorite! 
We can do any pet - we don't discriminate!

Congrats to all the graduates - and their families!

Call for more information and orders.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Snails to Mail Service

Seeing the volume of mail decrease in recent years and, along with it, a decrease in revenue, the US Postal Service is doing what it can to recapture the market.  Being a bit tongue and cheek about the "snail mail"* retronym applied to regular mail, at one local post office, postal employees are hand stamping outgoing mail with images of snails and offering plates of escargot to patrons mailing 6 or more pieces at a time. (The escargot plates contain 6 snails). It seems to have caught on as other offices are exploring this marketing tool.

Warning: expect longer lines at lunchtime.

Happy April Fools!

*Per Wikipedia, "the term snail-mail is a retronym that originated in 1983 to distinguish it from the quicker e-mail." Also, photo adapted from Wikipedia.