Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are You Feeling Blue?

Turquoise is the color of the year and it is popping up not only on stationery but also in nail polish for summer. Chanel has Nouvelle Vague - a beautiful sea blue, Essie has Mint Candy Apple (see below on me) - more like a Tiffany blue and there are others. It is fun and different. Warning: can run the risk of looking tacky in the day light and I think by week's end you may just want to keep it down below on your toes.

Orrganics' custom design stationery above, Smock letterpress on bamboo paper.

A sheet from Smock's letter writing set. Ready to go loveliness. This sheet is from the Isle collection.

(Okay, so I might also be a little blue because LOST has ended)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you Lost? I Am So Lost.

Yes, I am so LOST.
There is really not much to say about the end of one of the most original and captivating TV shows ever that has not already been said. And, while I was sad to have it come to end, I did feel satisfied with a well done and lovely send off (except that I really don't know why Penny was in the Church).
That is the question that I keep asking. So, if anyone knows, please fill me in.

Click here for everything LOST.
Photo is courtesy of and from the ABC website for LOST.

And, don't even get me going - I also lost 24 this week.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Affair on Monday

I love weddings.
Last Monday afternoon I was sitting outside at The Palace Hotel in NYC with a my girlfriend Abby and we got the back end glimpse of a wedding party - literally. (I wasn't so fast with my camera.)
I think one of the invites shown here from Natural Impression Design would have been perfect for this daytime affair.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hats off to the Graduates!

I just love this photo Graduation Party invite we did recently - probably because the picture is too cute!

Between the photo location, and dune and water coloring I am ready for the beach!
And, surprisingly, this graduate was not embarrassed by his toddler photo.
Congrats to all the Graduates!

Luscious Verde invite on recycled paper.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's A Wrap

Green, green, green. I am not talking about money or springtime or the reusable grocery bags we carry to the market. Nor am I talking today about handmade paper or invites made with or from pineapple leaves or 100% recycled materials. Instead, today I write about "eco-fabulous" fashion - something I get asked about from time to time. Specifically, I write of the wrap.

One of my favorite accessories is the scarf or the wrap. It is so versatile. Lisa Bittan, who happens to be a dear friend, with her partners in India, makes beautiful scarves for Ya Living. Her scarves are gorgeous, made of organic cotton, hand-loomed and dipped in healing herbs. I love that! I have a very long steel blue scarf with gold stripes. It can go around and around and around my neck. I think it helps with inflammation (like Advil only prettier and softer). The scarves are carried in several high end boutiques in Southern California and on the East Coast. Ya- Living is now also creating tunics and other green fab pieces. No, the scarves do not smell or taste like the herbs they are dipped in. Lisa will be here in New Hope in June. She is bringing a trunk.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paper Tuesday: Deckled Edge Paper

Paper Tuesday; a new feature. Each month, on the second Tuesday, I will write about some aspect of paper that I find interesting - what a surprise!.

This month - deckled edge paper.

Deckled edge paper is paper that has soft uneven edges. This "feathery edge" is the result of the natural run-off of wet pulp when making handmade and mould made paper, or the result of sheets being torn when wet. The paper thins out a little toward the edges as a result of the runoff. This can be simulated by machines or deckled edge rulers but the result is not quite the same.

Created in Italy, Arturo Fine Stationery is a most popular line of paper that features a deckled edge. It has a soft artisan look and feel. Perfect for personal letters, invitations and announcements.

Photos above courtesy of Arzberger Bueing Stationers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Proofing is Important

If you haven't heard what happened last week with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, click here for photos and the story of the embarrassing typo. Misspelled name, no hyphen. Where was the proof reader?

She took it in stride, but could you?

The Write Stuff for a Party!

The last 2 weeks have been quite busy with spring stationery wardrobe updates, accessory orders, an open house at Orrganics, as well as an event over at Tobias Design LLC in Hopewell, NJ. Lisa Tobias hosted Orrganics for a morning of fun, food and drinks at her stunning kitchen showroom. Thanks to all who turned out, old friends and new - we had a great showing! Here are a few captured moments taken in between talking, shopping and eating. We donated a portion of the proceeds from the Orrganics open house to American Forests. Trees, a good thing.

Yes, that is bok choy in a vase.

Discussing Smart Jewelry, made from recycled glass bottles.

Above, ready to write paper and greeting cards from Smock.

The Golden Pheasant Inn is well represented and we are discussing new business cards for Barb and baby announcements for Britt!

Oooos and Ahhhs about Metalace Stainless Steel "jewelry for the home" above; a sell out.

Twig & Fig Mitzvah Designs - stunning.

Stationery from Jamie Ostrow. Beyond, an Oprah favorite in the pine needle and metal baskets from Model Metalworks. These baskets are made from fallen pine needles resting on the forest floor in Mexico. The gathering of these needles helps to reduce the threat of forest fires in the region as they do not naturally biodegrade. The baskets are beautifully crafted, and combined with the nickel trim, they have a sophisticated look; great for pool side entertaining and wedding gifts. Supporting local artisan communities - a good thing.

We did an "oh so cute" Graduation Party invitation for Karin's Zack ( I have one too) - I will post it after they go out in the mail.
Sneak preview: He is 18 now but about 3 in the photo.

Lavender is fabulous and I just love the porcelain astrology boxes.

If you want to see more, come visit. I always have food and we are conveniently located above a Starbucks!

One more thing, for those wondering if any men came by, the answer is yes. And, Michael, I can't wait to see the custom cuff links in aqua/turquoise we ordered for you. Gorgeous, made from recycled glass bottles and silver (Pantone color of the year).